The Evolution of The Bankers

The Bankers is one of our most popular traditional style blends that was created in the middle of the 20th century to satisfy the taste of the many banker in Grafton Street area, hence the depiction of the historic forecourt of Bank Of Ireland on the older tins.

The blend was crafted as an English style mixture, a blend of two Latakia leaves (leaf and beaded), Havana, Turkish and Perique, finished off with three types of Virginia (bright, coarse bright and honeydew).

I recall, blending the Bankers mixture was part of my induction training, well over 40 years ago. The basement of the old Fox House was where it all happened; we blended the mixtures by hand, following the recipes to the final gram, and manually weighing filling and sealing the tins. My quality control officer was no other than Freddy Fox who understood no word other than perfection! It was not unknown that he would come in every time we blended our mixtures to check the quality of all the tobaccos going into the blend and ensure the recipe was correct to the gram.

Sourcing high quality tobacco to use for our blends was always hard, but we could find the finest ingredients within Ireland; Clunes of Limerick supplied us with Perique and Latakia, while John Grant from Buncrana in Donegal supplied us with the highest quality of all types of Virginia..

In-house blending continued in the early 90′s, until our tobacco suppliers in Ireland ceased trading. Sourcing the right constituents became impossible and very costly; it was then we found that blending the tobacco abroad was a lot easier and would maintain the original characteristics of our mixtures. Throughout the years this Latakia mixture has remained a firm favourite of our James Fox range because of it’s unique aroma and flavours.

As you would have noticed, in order to keep up with the recent times and packaging regulations, we have altered the design of all our James Fox tobacco tins. But rest assured, Fox Bankers, as well as all our other blends, remains the same unique mixture with the same exquisite smoking attributes as it had, many decades ago.

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