Pipe & Whiskey appreciation evening in House, Dublin

After the success of our cigar and whiskey event many of our friends asked us to host an event to cater for pipe smokers. With the kind support from Peterson of Dublin and Irish Distillers, we hosted our first pipe and whiskey appreciation evening on Wednesday June 17th 2015 in House Bar.

The lucky attendees got a warm welcoming to the patio of House Dublin with a generous goodie bag containing one of each from the new Peterson tobaccos in 40 gram pouches (the Connemara Black, the Aran, the Irish Dew and the Wild Atlantic) as well as a 50cl miniature of Jameson Whiskey.

After the bowls were packed and lit up with the Peterson aromatic blends, Michael Cunningham from Irish distillers kicked off out whiskey tasting with our first whiskey of the night, the 2015 vintage of the Midleton Very Rare. Exclusively matured in American oak barrels, the latest vintage has a lot more spicy, oaky character and carries the signature of Brian Nation, Midleton’s new master distiller.

Second in line was the all new Green Spot Château Léoville Barton, the latest addition in the Green Spot family. The Green Spot Château Léoville Barton is initially matured in sherry and bourbon casks and then finished in French oak wine cask, adding a new dimension to this single pot still Irish Whiskey. Its mouth coating finish and the fruity and oaky flavours make this new Green Spot one of our favourite single pot stills.

After the first two whiskies, Conor Palmer from Peterson of Dublin spoke to us about the work that is involved in the making of a Peterson Pipe. The biggest challenge that pipe manufacturers face is finding a steady supply of good quality briar in the Mediterranean. The business of extracting the root and cutting the bowls is a business of small scale and as such it it creates a shortage of bowls. Peterson make the most of the bowls they can get, with new, modern combinations of stains and mouthpieces.

Conor also spoke about the four new blends that we were sampling on the night. Peterson’s world renowned tobaccos have always been available in 50 gram tins and their new 40 gram pouches are practical in both price and functionality. The two aromatic blends, the Connemara Black and the Aran, with their cherry and vanilla flavours, came to fill a gap in the Peterson range, while the Irish Dew and the Wild Atlantic are two new sophisticated Virginia blends.

Our third whiskey of the evening was the Redbreast 21 year old, the oldest expression of the famous single pot still. Matured exclusively in first-fill sherry and bourbon casks, the Rerdbreast 21 year old is masterpiece of cask selection and blending. Its flavour is immense, with rich tones berries, citrus and spice. If Redbreast 12 is considered the benchmarks for single pot still Irish Whiskeys, then the Redbreast 21 year old expression is sure to gain a legendary status.

Michael Cunningham had left the best for last, the Midleton Dair Ghaelach. ”Dair Ghaelach” means “Irish Oak” in Gaelic and it is what the casks that were used to finish this whiskey were made of. In April 2012, ten 130-year-old Irish Oak trees were felled in Ballaghtobin Estate, Co. Kilkenny, and were used to make the 48 hogshead casks in Antonio Páez Lobato cooperage in Jerez. The whiskey itself is a combination of 15 to 22 year old malts that have been aged in Bourbon casks before being married in the Irish oak cask for another year.

Each of the 5,000 numbered bottles is traced back to the tree that was used for the barrel it was finished in; our bottles were traced from tree number 7 and was bottled at a whopping 57.9%. Its traced provenance, its unique fragrance, its beautiful dark colour and its full, strong flavours of vanilla, caramel and chocolate make this whiskey a true masterpiece.

The nice finished with a raffle, with Andrew winning a new Peterson Dublin 15 and also a prize for the most outlandish pipe, with Vincent and his unique churchwarden winning a Peterson K Briar 69.

Thanks to Irish Distillers, Peterson of Dublin, House Bar and everyone who attended, our first ever pipe evening was a great success; until the next one!

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