Pipe & Whiskey appreciation evening in House, Dublin

After the success of our cigar and whiskey event many of our friends asked us to host an event to cater for pipe smokers. With the kind support from Peterson of Dublin and Irish Distillers, we hosted our first pipe and whiskey appreciation evening on Wednesday June 17th 2015 in House Bar. Continue reading


The Evolution of The Bankers

The Bankers is one of our most popular traditional style blends that was created in the middle of the 20th century to satisfy the taste of the many banker in Grafton Street area, hence the depiction of the historic forecourt of Bank Of Ireland on the older tins.
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A guide to the new pipe smoker

“A guide to the new pipe smoker” is a series of videos we posted on our YouTube channel a few years ago and became a hit amongst fellow pipe smokers. In this guide, David demonstrates through a series of short videos how to select, fill, light and clean your pipe. Enjoy!

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Peterson Standard System

Welcome To Our New Blog

If you are a regular visitor of this website, then you would know that pipedivan.com is a part of James Fox of Dublin, dedicated to the art of pipe smoking, in which you can see our extensive range of premium smoking pipes and pipe tobacco.

Since 1881 we have serviced the requirements of generations of pipe smokers and over those years we have had the pleasure to encounter come across some beautiful pipes and some colourful characters.

We hope that through this blog we will have the chance to connect with our customers and friends and pass over our knowledge and expertise.

Please feel free to use the comment section to give us your feedback, ask us questions or just to say “Dia dhuit”!